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5 Ways to Save a Relationship

Guest Post By Lucille

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When nothing is working in between your partner and yourself, you should take an appropriate step if you are not willing to take the path of breakup. The following 5 tips can help you not only to save your relationship, but also to strengthen it. 

1. Look at the Entire Picture
You both might have begun bickering so much and might have missed the togetherness that you had before. Instead of being stuck in this confrontation phase, you can stop arguing with your partner and take your step back by looking at the entire picture. Let your partner win the rounds while you can try to get the actual reason for the bickering. This will help you take proper action to control your relationship by avoiding disasters like breakup.

2. Change for the Better 
Everyone of us are aware of the fact that it is not possible to clap with a single hand, hence you should also try to find out if any of your deeds are hurting your relationship or your partner. If you find the problem is from your side, you should talk to your partner and need to promise that you would mend yourself, thus you can save your relationship from any damage. 

3. Give Some Space to Your Partner
Instead of bothering your partner all the time desperately to stop disintegration to your relationship, you better give some space to your partner. This will make your partner to listen to you with an open mind once things cool down. Also, if you are skeptical that something is cooking between your partner and someone else, you should not stalk them all the time like a spy and access their phone to check their call and message information secretly. That way, you may fall into your partner’s eyes. Rather, you can install some advanced mobile monitoring apps like Mobile Spy onto their phone that will get you reliable information on all the phone activities of your partner. This app works stealthily – it is not only the best way to spy on them without their knowledge but also you will not feel guilty for spying on them if they are found loyal to you. 

4. Recall Your Love
The best way to save your relationship is through rekindling those desires that you had on each other during the early days of your relationship. For this, you need to wear the similar sort of dresses which made them fall for your love, follow the same hairstyle and make yourself look fit which will make you confident.  For sure, these things will make him/her fall for you again!

5. Bring in the Professionals if Required
When you both look like you have been locked in the fight of supremacy, it is better you take help of the professionals. Probably, you can consult a competent marriage Counselor to have a few sessions to help you both realize the mistakes of your ways, thus you can get back on the proper track for permanent reconciliation. 

All the above moves will save your relationship from a bitter separation which would be more difficult to reunite. So, use them and save your relationship to keep your partner and yourself happy forever. 

A Guest Post by Lucille, She Exists as a blogger who loves to blog on cell phone technology. To know more about  cellphone spy software, please visit her blog. 


  1. The hell, don't stalk them but instal a stalking device?

    1. jajajjaaj you are right ! ;)

  2. Don't stalk them, confront them. You can't have a relationship without trust and spying is definitely no way to instill trust in your relationship.

  3. nice post

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  4. I don't know if it is too late to save my relationship or not. We hadn't been together for very long, but we fell in love. He is going through some things, and his dad wants him to be the perfect child he envisioned. Which, would not be very good if his dad knew we were together. He broke up with me over a month ago, but he says he doesn't remember anything about that day, or the time I tried to talk at a mutual friend's party. He had MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), and I think he is stuck behind one of his bad ones. One of them made his ex very sad, and he feels like he made her try to commit suicide. Maybe he thinks he will hurt someone again? He says he loves me, but won't go back, but he seems to be interested enough in his ex still, to go back to her in a heartbeat. Please, I love this guy, and I want some help so I can be with him. Reply soon!

  5. This article belongs in my catbox. Biggest piece of poop I've read in a long time. I thought this site might be pretty cool until I read this. I won't be back.


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