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I Believe in Pink - Pink Dose

We girls love pink, we wear pink, share pink, care pink. We do pink, want pink and think pink. Pink is a charm in every age and every shade. 
From light baby pink to dark plum pink, it's our passion. So the Aurdey Hepburn says:
"I believe in pink"

From our shoes to eye-shades,lipstick, dress, shoes, room to car, cake to ice cream everything we want is in pink. There is a post containing 50 pink images for your random pink thrust, Hope you would love them.

Share your views and ideas about this pink pink dose. We love your comments.

[Image Source: WeHeartIt]
[Title Courtesy : Audrey Hepburn]


  1. LOVE this post!!! <3
    miss you!!! mwah!

  2. This made me happy. Now I really want a pink cover for my laptop! To me, nothing is OTT.

  3. much pink...yeah...

    Anyways...all the girls like every color I think...color is life....and girls are so full of life...yes...we are...

    My niece take PINKY PROMISE all the time...and she is too much into pink...

    hmmm...nice post...

  4. I don't know what's with PINK, but I love every bit of it. Every time I see things that has a shade or just Pink I grab on it right away. Oh well, I guess that's just a part of being a girl.

  5. Hiii im looking for a nice Aubrey Auburn pic frame for my room, Does anyone know where can i find it?, actually a really like some of pics on this website but u guys don't sell them as a pic or posters :( ... love pink !


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