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Brides Around the World

Wedding, a life time plan between two, who complete each other. A girl wait for her lifetime for this moment and she's a bride, she is the luckiest girl in the whole world. She feels important, beautiful, decorated and filled by the feelings to be someone else for the life time.

Brides in every culture get attention on their big day, they dressed up differently from the whole ceremony attendees, have different makeups and jewelry. They have different gowns, frocks, lehngas, and different other dressed in different cultures. 

Some brides from the different cultures are shared here. Hope you'll like this post. 
Afghani Bride
African Bride
American Bride
American Bride
Arabian Bride
Arabian Bride
Austrian Bride
Bengali Bride
Chinese Bride
Egyptian Bride
English Bride
English Bride
Ethiopian Bride
Indian Bride
Indonesian Bride
Iraqi Bride
Japanese Bride
Kenya Bride
Libyan Bride
Mexican Bride
Moroccan Bride
Nepali Bride
Pakistani Bride
South African Bride
South Pacific Couple
Sri-Lankan Bride
Sri-Lankan Bride
Sweden Bride
Thai Bride
Thai Bride
Turkish Bride
Vietnam Bride
English Bride
Which culture you like the most? 
Share your views and ideas about this post and the brides in your culture.
[Image Source : Google Images]
Every little girl wait for this time.


  1. every bride is gowjeous :)

  2. Hi i’m Heather! I have a question for you! Please email me :)

  3. wow! there's a Sri Lankan bride's pic too! :O :D

  4. I like the Egyptian bride too much.

  5. There's definitely something about the rich colors in the Indian bride's clothing and accessories that intrigues me. With that said, every bride is prettiest on her wedding day. It doesn't matter what anyone but the other person for which the wedding is being held <3

  6. Pakistan brides are so beautiful !!!

  7. You missed out so many different Indian brides :) I am south Indian, and the way our women dress is totally different :D I could send you pictures if you are interested. You also missed out East Indian brides. :) No offence meant, only saying there is so much to see here in India :) All brides are beautiful, as are all women! <3

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