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Celebrity Fashion Face-off : Who wore it better?

Celebrity fights are very common, everyone wants to compete each other in work and looks. Everyone wants to look different and better than all others. But in doing all these efforts, sometimes they caught in a situation where they need a comparison with others. Well there are 6 celebrity pictures found in same outfits, we don't know the designers actually but they are cool stuff to share with all of our stalkers.

1. Nicki Minaj vs Jessie J

2. Jennifer Lopez vs Eva Herzigova

3. Rachel Bilson vs Miranda Kerr

4. Zoe Saldana v/s Joan Smalls vs Alessandra Ambrosio

5. Lauren Santo Domingo vs Emma Stone

6. Gwen Stefani vs Angela Bassett
All you need to do is, comment 6 answers which one you like among the similar ones. Lets see who wore it better. 
[Image Source: WeHeartIt (Join me on WeHeartIt)]


  1. 1. nicki minaj
    2. jennifer lopez
    3. miranda kerr
    4. joan smalls
    5. emma stone
    6. none

  2. emma stone carried it way better.

  3. I always fantasize about the celebrity's world, but they seem to be constantly on the move from city to city, or spending months at a time on a set.


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