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7 Fun Things to Do When Your Man is Busy

The thing which pissed girls in relationship, most of the time, is their partners are not giving enough time to them. Even if they are having time to spend with her, they prefer to sit with their iPhones, play station or changing news channels. The idea to avoid them and have some fun time without them, only for yourself. So it's all your time and here are some great things you can do when they are busy.
7 Fun Things to Do When Your Man is Busy
He's too Busy in Watching Television
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1. Read
Get a good and interesting book to read what you always planned to read when you have enough time. And if you don’t have such book at home when you are in state of boredom, go and get old magazines from your shelf and read them again. The missing information will let you know a lot what you skipped in past.

2. Call Your Girlfriends
Your girlfriends always complain a lot for not giving them enough time when you are busy with your everyday life, specially your man, but when you are bored and lonely and wants a company for you too, pickup your phone and call your girls. Enjoy their company. Do all those gossips and talk about the latest trends or anything what you used to of talking (You can gossip about your man too). This will make them happy too and this will make your time a lil better.

3. Clean Your Wardrobe/Drawers
The best and the most effective way to kill your loneliness, is to start cleaning your wardrobe, drawers and cupboards. It will make your time passed so easily and you would for sure find your lost things even. Sometime some cards, some old gifts, your diaries, and some other old memories will make you recall your past and you will smile with them.

4. Go For Beauty Sessions
You can go for the beauty sessions, facials, manicure, pedicure, hair dyes, or some cutting. You can apply some DIY makeup ideas on yourself or some hairstyling. You can do anything with your external beauty what your man never let you do in your busy time.

5. Workout
Now this is one thing to do for girls that is just good! Head to the gym or if you don’t feel like leaving home, put a work out video on in the other room. Don’t have a good video? That’s find too. You can turn up the radio or your MP3 player and dance around. Throw in a few crunches and push-ups after dancing and you’ve got a complete work out.

6. Work on Your Hobby
Everyone of us have some hobby, it can be reading, writing, cooking, decorating, playing, etc. in normal routine life we never get enough time for them but whenever you are free enough and lonely and bored even, you have a fair chance to work on your hobby. Write all in a day, read all pending books, cook yummy dishes and make everyone praise you, play online games or outdoor whatever you like, go for some walk or exercise and feel fresh, change your room’s decoration and get a pleasant change in your life.

7. Visit She Exists
You can visit She Exists, Explore the girly ideas of spending a good life. You can explore our pages and can be a part of it. You can send your Guest Posts or ideas on Email. Enjoy the time with more girls around.

Hope you'll have a good time, your own time when he's too busy to link up with you. Share your ideas and Have fun!


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