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Respect Girls and Make them Feel Proud

Proud being a Girl
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A girl will smile in pain,
cry in joy…

...she will give up all her pleasures,
just for a smile from someone she loves…

...she will change a 100 dresses,
and still not like any…

...she will shout like maniacs,
then cry like a lil' kid…

...she would hug you, and forget the world…

...she would be satisfied by a simple: “I’m there…”

A girl doesn't need big things in life,
she is happy with the small popcorn at the movie…

...value the girls in your life,
be it your mother, sister, grandmother,
wife, love-mate or a friend...

...she has given her soul for your joy

Respect Girls and Make them Feel Proud
(Source: Facebook Wall)
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  1. That's right we don't need big things, little moments and things make a big difference for us always!

  2. This is so cool post. I like your blog.


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