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Makeup Tips: How to Apply Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup [Image Source: Google Imges]
In my last beauty post I talked about the first and most basic makeup tip, How to Get Perfect Skin Coverage. In today's post I'll talk about the other important makeup tip that is of applying Eye Shadows. An perfect eye shadows can make your makeup and a bad eye makeup ruined it all. So here are some tips for eye makeup which will help you in your everyday makeup.
Eye Shadows with Bruhes
[Image Source: Google Images]
How to Apply Eye Shadow
  • Apply a light shade to highlight the brow bone and medium tone to cover the entire eyelid.
  • As an option, a dark tone can be applied the crease of the eyes as an accent to create depth.
How to Apply Eyeliner
Apply and blend eyeliner along lashlines; extend line to the outer edges for a more dramatic look.

How to Apply Mascara
Add a coat or two of mascara; let each coat dry before applying the next coat.


  1. Thanks for posting this... I was going to request you to post on this one :)

  2. I also have difficulty on how to properly apply eyeshadows but i'm trying my best! Thanks for this info. Followed your blog <3

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