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5 Things a Guy can Do to Attract Girls

Ryan Gosling - Every Girl's Choice
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1) Be Arrogant
Girls never like easy going boys; I’ve heard many times that girls love bad boys. Well it’s correct to some extent. Girls prefer arrogant and rude boys on simple and humble. The arrogance and rudeness attract them. So the guy who is easy going for them is always has a less charm than the one who’s tough.

2) Wear Sexy Perfumes
Girls die on the good smells guys carries. The seductive, sexy men perfume’s smell is the biggest weakness of a girl. Most of the girls attracted and attached to the smell the guys carries. So if you are a guy reading this and want to attract girls in some public party or randomly, start wearing some hot smells and girls will automatically start coming towards you.

3) Way You Speak
Girls love the way guys speak. The heavy sexy voices are always a charm for girls. Sometime they fall in love hearing jus voices on some voice recordings, phones and on radio shows. The best key for a guy to attract a girl is to keep his volume down and speak his heart and she would love it.

4) Style You Carry
This is the obvious one for everyone that we attract to the physical beauty of someone before knowing about them. The trendy and smart guys are always get more fame and attractions then the simple one. The guy who have hairstyles, dress styles and shoe styles and the live, running style statement in his personality get the most appreciation than a guy who wear simple shirt-tie with glasses on.

5) Be Bossy
Bossiness suits on men and girls love it because it’s natural. Girls prefer bossy, dominant and prominent on shy and not participative one. If a guy wants to be attracted by many girls, first he need to make him prominent and show his bossy nature. The point noted here that too much of bossiness irritates girls.


  1. I agree with most everything you said. Especially the 'arrogant' one. It's sad to say, but true. Women like what they can't have. I guess the same could be said for men, too.

    Newly following via GFC!

    Gillian from Baby Talk without the Babble

  2. haha interesting one. wish i was a guy !

  3. Arrogance can backfire if it's done wrong... or if it's fake.

    Stopping in from the LBS tea party. :-)

  4. I don't like arrogant and bossy boys ... huhh :@

  5. Ehh I like arrogant but I like them loving my arrogance 2 {>*=*}>•<{' ¥ '<}. .. ENUKU


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