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The Way you Make Me Feel..
Short Story Contest
I'm free, I exist and Love being a woman.
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Women are devoted creatures who, when in love, can be the most selfless person in a man's life. Be it any stage of her life. As a daughter, she serves her parents to no end. As a sister, she is the best friend to her siblings. As a romantic partner, she makes you feel special, more than anyone else can. As a spouse, she becomes your life line and gives every thing to you most selflessly; a life, comfort, the joy of your children, the invincible support. As a mother, she becomes a form of the greatest infinite love this universe has yet created.

Let's be thankful for being a woman and revel in the intense emotions of what makes us who we are. Celebrating this very essence, Mehreen on the perfect line has come up with a much awaited writing contest, for the women, by the women and to the women! She has a fun offer for you that will bring you forward to a wider audience, spice up your blog-life and that awesome feeling of being recognized! All you have to do is follow some simple rules.

For Rules and Regulations and Prizes Details, Visit the perfect line.

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  1. lol .. never mind shama :p no wonder you are still same crying kid :Dso the fight is over when you give me credit ... i don't give the second thought to these comments.. i know what i'm and even you know ;)P.S. DO ASK FOR THE PERMISSIONS. 'CAUSE MAY BE THE COPYRIGHTS ARE NOT FREE AND THE OTHER ONE CAN SUE YOU... AND I'm sorry for coming to you wrong day.. happy belated birthday.. Stop being loser now and posting to me again...:P you admit your mistake and it's enough for me :Pcheers !!

  2. here is something for you dear... please check


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