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LA - Video Music Awards- Biggest Audience Ever

Beyonce with baby bump -Video Music Awards 2011
[Image Source: Lamutamu]
Beyonce made this huge announcement outside the L.A.'s Nokia Theater at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards. 29 years old, Grammy winning superstar appeared in covering up her body in gorgeous, loose-fitting red gown and announced her pregnency news in front of new photographers.It'll be the first child of her and Jay-Z, her husband for three years, baby is a boy and expected in February next year. Twitter users fired off a record number of tweets per second on the announcement. 

Lady Gaga in her manly looks - Video Music Awards 2011
[Image Source: A.V Club]
Lady gaga dressed up in a male. A manly Lady gaga kicks it off and blow the roof off, also Adele and Katy Perry were the top winners with three trophies each.
The network says its annual show honoring the top music videos attracted 12.4 million viewers Sunday night, a nine percent growth from last year and a network record.[Source: Yahoo News]


  1. lady gaga is looking so cheap . crap !


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