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Eleven Questions: Are you a Good Partner?

Are you a good partner?
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A best couple is like a pair of socks, you need both and they need to match.
Relationships don’t get strong by meetings they fasten by feelings and thoughts both have. If these thoughts are matching, both are compatible with each other, but sometimes it doesn’t work. To figure out, how good you are performing, ask the Eleven questions:

1) What do you want from your partner usually?
a.       Love and Time [1]
b.      Money and Lust [0]

2) What do you do when you have spare time in your busy routine?
a.       Spend a passionate time with them [1]
b.      Ignore them and go out with your friends [-1]
c.       Rest at home [0]

3) What do you do when your partner has problem with you?
a.       Initiate to resolve it first [2]
b.      Ignore them and let it solved itself [1]
c.       Go to end it all [-1]
d.      Wait them for a apology [0]

4) How fast you are responding to them (A call or a meeting notice)
a.       I usually don’t pick their calls [-1]
b.      I call myself time by time [2]
c.       I know they will call and ask me to meet [0]

5) Do you remember the special and important things related to your partner?
a.       No, I usually forget [-1]
b.      Yes, every time [1]
c.       Sometimes [0]

6) What do you do when you both have some arguments turned fight?
a.       Yell at them and leave [-1]
b.      Listen to them calm them down to solve the problem [2]
c.       You immediately talk about ending relationship [-2]
d.      Keep quiet and Listen them yelling [1]

7) What do you do when you don’t agree with their some point?
a.       Try to convince them [1]
b.      Force them to agree with you [-1]
c.       Forget your own point and go with their choice [2]

8) What would you do if they cheat on you?
a.       Cry yell and that’s all [0]
b.      Talk to them and ask the reason [1]
c.       Who cares, even I’ll do same [-2]

9) Do you ever think of cheating on them?
a.       I did already [-2]
b.      I can’t imagine this [1]
c.       May be [-1]

10) Do you ever feel that the feelings are not mutual?
a.       Sometimes [0]
b.      No, We love each other [2]
c.       I love them but I don’t know about them [-1]
d.       Need to confess all time [0]

11) Where do you see yourself without them?
a.       I’m nothing [1]
b.      I’m Me and I don’t care [0]
c.       I can live if they can live [1]

Now this is self assessment time. Answer these eleven questions and calculate your scoring.  Ask your partner to give this survey and calculate their score, Compare your results and find out who is better among you. [DON’T ASSUME THEIR ANSWERS YOURSELF]

I've another last question, If you know your partner's score as well, were you present when your partner was answering these question or you trust them a lot? 
Add all 16 to your score if the answer is Yes.. 

[12-16] Excellent
[6-11] Average
[1-7] Not that good

Tell us yours scoring and the answers you choose, add your choices if you have any other answers, give people tips on this thread and get advises on making a relationship stronger.


  1. my score goes -5 i know i am not good for him. he do everything for me and in reply i just give a shit about his everything. this is not because i don't love him, this is because we are not the perfect match fir each other and this is same described by the quote above saying about the couple and a pair of socks similie. additionally i know that the trust is the key for every relation , we trust each other but thats it all . so i can say i score 14 :D .. we are excellent

  2. i m not that good partner, (Cuz i have no partner...)


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