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To the Man on a White Horse ..!!

So what’s the point to make some hasty confessions of love or some false promises when you are sure about the practical approach will never let you follow them. What’s the point of love or likeness which ends on the tear in one’s eyes and a journey to some practical life to other’s…

It’s always easy for a man to plan something, to execute it and left it in middle maybe because they are born with the EXTRA POWER of being a MAN …
Don’t make her fall in her steady walk if you don’t have guts to make her ride with you on your White Horse.
[Image Source: Chart Works]
Hold her hand when you are sure that nothing will ever let you to back off to her.
Somebody told me to write when I'm frustrated..  
It always works .. !
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  1. True, true! I concur with you all along on this one.

  2. true...never trust guys in horses...they are always in a hurry to go away...

    occasionally you might find one who is ready to take you along...

    as sometimes it is better to ride your own horse alongside the man and his white horse...

    great post...


  3. so true . + 1 to your post

  4. I am not against the fact u have expresed BUT sometimes gals often forget that boys do have hearts and it also gets hurt like their hearts...

  5. Wow. I'm not used to read personal blogs but I'm going to make an exception here.
    (Now to read all the old posts)
    +1 permanent follower.

  6. Well said, I love everything you had to say.

  7. New follower...would love for you to follow back :)

  8. New Follower,heyy :D
    Damn true post :) Totally agree !

  9. new follower from the blog hop would love a follow back


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