She Exists

You, Me and Our Flow ..

You came like a pleasant rain in my life which made my flows like steady rivers. You touched my dreams and give me the reason to feel more, dream more, and live more. Now I want to drag me in flow of this love forever and die in same river.

I’m so NOT getting time for my blog and the awesomeness here I left. I’m so in air so high on the blue sky. I wanna fly more high and never want to tire up with the flow of this air. This blog is so looking like a place to talk about “Love” only but I found me so helpless whenever I type I never feel like to say anything else.
P.S. I love you MORE now. 

 So this Awesomeness is not over yet, I'm here and I'll stay forever. love you all
Wanna come in my Fridays and Specially in my Friends?? Join me and find a path to heaven.. khekhe

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  1. Hi below comment " NICE POST"
    was by me- Divya from India.
    I was enjoying an awesome weather here in Pune, India with lots of rains!! and your post added to the joy.
    take care

  2. Somebody is in love???? :)
    I'm dieing to know about it hun!!! Stay happy always! mwaah! :)

  3. awesome !!!
    a post full of love and emotions and beautiful personification of rain.

  4. What a beautiful post! Thank you! I love this site and am so glad to see you back!!! Yes I have liked you on FaceBook, and follow you. LOVE your ideas and that you share them. Would love to see you stop by my place sometime! :)


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