She Exists

To The Man on White Horse .. !!

This post is dedicated to My One.. The Man on White Horse..
My Prince Charming .. !! 

And you know what you are for me.. A passion, A Smile, A Spark, A Charm .. I don't wanna write words here for you, I wanna put my heart in this post, and it would be all about You itself.

and yea it's like when I close my eyes and I see you there and when I open my eyes, I wanna see you .. !! Your everything make me fall in Love with you.. 

Once you asked me why do I love you and I never replied to that, I wanna tell you today that I love you, 'cause there's no one else in this world deserve my love more than you, I love you 'cause no one else in this world love me like you do. I love you 'cause no one else in this world care for me like you do. You tolerate my silly things, You love to listen me even when I'm not talking. You smile on my anger, You ignore my mistakes, You avoid to fight with me; even on my idiotic reasons. I love you when everyone else tell me that he loves you, I love you when you talk about me all time and praise me. I love you 'cause there's no one else in this world  to whom I can show all my anger and tantrum. and I Love You 'cause you don't want me to change.

And when WE get into some problem and have arguments, you listen to me and prove me right every time even when I know I'm wrong. I fight a lot, a lot, jus 'cause you are the only one who can understand my frustration, who can take that out of me, I know I'm mean to you but thats the only way I talk to you a lot and tell you everything.

My Life is mean for You and Only You, I want to be with you today, tomorrow , forever .. !!
You know what, I know you are the only one who can sort me and everything else in my life.  And now I'm waiting for you to come and take me away on Your White Horse. 

and I wish you read it today yourself, and if you can't I'll make you read that day
when We will be together, forever ..  [very soon IA] 

and for you .. Love Story .. Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone.. !!
and i cant ever write as best ever again for you, and I can't ever find the better content for my 100th blog post of this year.. the post of this year for you my love.. <3 muwahs .. !!
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  1. so when your lucky man is coming in light?

  2. Weeee .. Love it. I love it when people are in love <3 At least love still works for some =)

  3. I am your newest follower from the hop and would love it if you could return the favor over at

  4. Aww that is such a cute post. I wish you best of luck in all endeavors of life :) x

  5. My prince charming doesn't ride a white steed.... he drives a gray Nissan! But this was a cute post :)

    I'm visiting from Totally Tuesday blog hop and a new follower. Please stop by to see me at Making Ends Meet sometime soon.

  6. I'm Totally Tuesday hopping! Follow me too?

  7. Excellent! Following from Welcome Wednesday.

  8. Beautiful! Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from the Catch A Wave Wednesday Blog Hop. Would love a visit and a follow back on my blog: Thanks!

  9. finaaaaly visited ur blog hear alot about it gud to read it n like it too


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