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It Rains when She Cries..

These rains are my best friends, they know every time how I feel, and I always talk to them.. 

Today they are looking so sad and making me sad too. I'm asking the reason of sadness and they are pouring their drops over me saying it's me, who's making them sad.  and I found someone telling me that 
It rains when you cry... 

I was Crying IN and It was Raining OUT.. 

I was so feeling to write something sad and It started raining... 
It's nothing related with my personal life .. 
Smiles in this Rain 'cause there's no one to wipe your tears away ..


  1. Yeah rain at times make sad :(

  2. Rain is beautiful! A frnd messaged me telling me it was raining in lahore tonight. i havent seen rain in 3 months :/

    missing lahore rains!!!


  3. I can relate myself with ur post :(

  4. and u know you are lying here.

  5. it touched me. sad and simple but very nice.


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