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I wanna Get Lost [in Love] with You ... !!

How about You, Me and our Love go away from this cruel world?
How about getting lost in some Jungle? 
How about live in some cave? 
How to live in the trance of each other all time? 
How about loving each other without any conditions?

I so want to Get Lost [in Love] with You somewhere we can Stay Alone without any Interference, where you have You and Your All time for Me  and where we Make Possible to Every Impossible..

Waking up at 3AM; this night the most fascinating idea arrive and I felt like to type it for this Friday Post. so the awesomeness is still alive on my blog, I sooo love the idea of having so many people hitting and reading my random thoughts, I can't thank everyone what they always make me feel. I feel like a Princess ruling on a big big state or a Sunshine appearing after a cold winter night or maybe a Mother's Smile which appear on her face after looking her child happy. I feel different, I feel special. and this is all because of some awesome people always around me. Today I wanna admit one thing that we always miss the one after we lose them. I feel same sometime that I never care the one  when everything was in my control and missing now. I'm so happy with my life [Alhamdullaih].  This was nothing with this post, It was jus a random confession.

So the awesomeness that joined me in last two weeks is big in number but that number is still countable but their awesomeness is not measurable. I'm talking a lot ehh? Think I should name those who followed me in last two weeks and found a way to heaven.. Follow/Join and Read their blogs..

I love you all
Big Muwahs and Happy Weekend ahead.                                                                                                                                          
Wanna come in my Friends? Join me and find a path to heaven.. khekhe

Please leave some  Comments and Share it to leave your love.. or maybe a Facebook Like, jus to let me know that somebody was here for me, your feedback is life for my blog ..  
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  1. Lovely post...and i m on top of the list too!! Love it. :) Thnx a ton!

  2. romantic queeen . again awesome lines like your awesomeness

  3. Thank you for message in my blog! Come and visit me again ...You have a cool blog! Take care!

  4. What a nice post! Thanks for including my link:)

  5. yay! there i am!! =] thanks for including my link!

  6. Love is a beautiful thing and takes on so many shapes. It's catches you by surprise and often appears when you least expect it.

    Love is everywhere :-)

  7. so the name is not yet revealed :p

  8. Thanks honey! You are too kind. Love is a global phenomenon...just keep passing it along. *hugs*


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