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Ask the Pain from my Heart .. !!!

who says it doesn't hurt when you cut your nails down? Ask my heart.. !!!
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It's so awesome to have nails like this but today unfortunately I had to cut my amazing nails 'cause I want to keep my phone scratch less, it hurts and I'm serious about my statement. 

The weekend is so awesome here and I so want to say sorry to those who followed me last week and I couldn't mention them from last two Fridays. I'll surely do this thing as I was doing it before from next week. I miss the awesome time I'd on my blog and I'm still around. Loads of Love for my awesome readers and great followers .. big muwahs .. 

So have a look to my hands with my cute nails which are past now. *Sighs Dramatically* 

It's an recent picture with a bit short nails and I adore it. I love my hands with henna on, I'll share it sometime here.
so.. Like it? tell me do you like sharp nails or short nails? and if you are a guy think about your girl's hand.. 

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  1. Oh my! They are beautiful! :)

    So sad you had to trim them down. These touchscreen phones..are stylish but.. hurtful too..

    I know exactly how terrible you feel!

    hey.. do follow me back! I did!..and do comment too! would love to have your comments!

  2. it is very sad.... though it was inevitable.

  3. Hi, You do what you think is the best. The pics is so lovely.

  4. hmm..i have to cut mine coz they chip anyways while cooking n cutting.

  5. I guess short nails are so much lovelier...Don't worry....

    Following you..loveliee blog.g...

  6. I really love the 1st picture but short nails are more beautiful. It's up to you how you could style it. =)


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