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Not my Pink dress, but my Pink Cheeks are Cute

Last night was strangest night in my life, I was upset for something and instead of complaining I was thanking God for giving me all what I always wanted. I don’t know why I’m so strange and why I’m typing it here.

The Secret of this Sunday is that somebody told me that Not my Pink dress, but my pink cheeks are cute and I’m quite happy today after long time.

So it’s a blogging break for today and a skittle treat for all visitors. 
Like skittles? Looks so girlish ehh ? 
Love for all awesome people there. Big Muwahs for tolerating it. 
For you, thanks for making me smile. 
[Image Source: Tumblr]

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  1. be happy and smiley .. it is not strange, it is marvelous.

  2. cute pink , may you live happy today and always ..

  3. Good morning! Thanks for joining my Planet Weidknecht Weekend Hop!


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