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I’m not beautiful; it’s your Love making me ...

I’m so in love with the things that reflect my image, yea I’m talking about mirror actually, but not mirror exactly. I love everything that reflects me and it’s not necessarily a mirror always. Take a look to the few reflection images..

I have two large mirrors in my room always in front of me, not jus mirrors, I check me in monitor screens, windows, my mum’s glass’s pots and steel’s spoons, goggles, water,  in everything. I love to see my reflections, I love to see me; in fact I love me, and whenever the mirror reflects me, it tells me about my beauty, so Am I beautiful? and then that inner voice tells me:
 I’m not beautiful; it’s your Love making me …
and I NOT ALWAYS need a mirror to see me, your eyes tell me all. 

I’m going out of city for three days on a trip, my last company trip, so I’m going to have fun; fun and fun, and as I won’t be available to my blog next three days and I don’t want to miss the awesomeness of people who are connected me this week. So here are some awesome people who joined me and find a way to heaven. Visit and Follow them, they are awesome.

antonino ielo
matt wilkie
the deadline
jyoti mishra
Tanya Tammaya

I love you all
Big Muwahs and Happy Weekend ahead.                                                                                                                                          
Wanna come in my Friends? Join me and find a path to heaven.. khekhe

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  1. Have a great time and will keep in touch once you are back on blogging.

  2. Thank you for the honor! Visit his blog is a delight!
    A good trip.

  3. Thanks so much! Have a great trip!

  4. Beautiful photo's in your can feel the play....have a wonderful will have stories to tell when you return...thank you for the mention on your blog...

  5. Lovely pics!! Have fun on ur trip.

  6. Have fun and the pictures are awesome :) x

  7. hi 3eyesha, nice words…its your love making me beautiful,
    as it is, I am already beautiful. Ha ha ha..

  8. Have a great time on your trip and thanks again for mentioning me in your blog! :D

    Teen ramblings:

  9. Have a restful Memorial Day weekend away! Thank you for the mention and do enjoy yourself. :-)

  10. I love your blog! If you are interested I'm trying to put together a group blog ( ) If not, could you at least spread the word? We still need 3-5 more people to join in on the collaboration of this blog and we're taking applications now!



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