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You Two have a Fight?

That's bad if you two have a fight, It's really bad. And if you are regretting now, there are something to make them smile and feel better. 
the note book .. Likes?
Say Sorry
Tell them that you are sorry for whatever happened. It would take nothing but make you both feel better, and they will be generous enough to forgive if you are really sorry for something.

Back off and let them Blow out first
If it's helping someone, let them speak all from their heart so that they feel light and Please avoid interrupting when they are uttering or even shouting. You can speak one by one, when one calms down then other can start speaking. It will make feel them better with jus a bit sacrifice of listening, that there's someone to listen to them.

Admit You were Wrong
If you really wanna sort out things and you know that it was you who did it wrong, admit it. It'll reduce 99% fight weight itself and the other one will help your support on compensating things.

If you know that it's not your fault and you still don't want to argue or continue the fight, ignore other's mistake, and forgive with open heart. after all You love them.. right?

Feels they are smiling? What about a warm big hug .. Feeling better?

And now it's time to go for dinner together... How about a candle light and you two. All dark and peaceful and everything is smiling with you.

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The Super about this Saturday is Ali is celebrating his birthday today, A very very very very Happy Birthday. Many many happy returns of the day, May you get many many more and have a bOom boOm blast. and get ready with a cake.
Love you a loadss .. <3

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  1. aisha...perfect article...and i thout u could include kiss too!

  2. notebook :p but a good piece
    happy birthday to Ali.

  3. 0ooooppppppppppssssssss that is one quite interesting :)
    very peaceful :)

  4. @Ram Santosh
    i was trying to make it a bit dash dash free lol

  5. even I am in love with this blog can you write some more?

  6. @Heena Shah
    tysm heena. your comments are life for my blog. keep sending me and i'll keep writing :)


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