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You are Godsend ..

We are all blessed by thousands of blessings; all we lack is an eye to see them. I always complain about my things; forgetting there are many people who are waiting for basic necessities of life. This Friday, I'm listing the few Godsends, I know there are infinite and I can't even imagine of typing all in one post, so very few I'm putting here, are:

Opportunity -to experience more.
Curiosity -to learn more.
Sunshine and Rains
Relationship with God
 Power of Imagination and Dreaming
For me, you are Godsend, a big blessing.

Fridays are always exciting and full of joy for me, ‘cause weekends are waiting ahead after them, and now I started loving Fridays more than anything ‘cause my weeks are getting tougher with every passing day. I complain a lot about busy weeks but I love being busy and stay out of my idiotic mind’s production. I love blogging but this is now getting on my nerves, one post per day ehh .. but this is a challenge and I love taking challenges. Like these days I challenged me [shhh to someone else] to learn a new technology in a week, I already wasted 4 days today but I’m so sure that I can and I will. Additionally; I love love love seeing your comments, share, tweets and hits on my blog. I’m too lazy and busy to reply you back for your comments this weekend.

Like every Friday, I have some awesome people on my blog. Guys please do visit them and follow them. And for my Friday’s Friends, I love you all, you people found a way to heaven. Big muwahs.
jenny grouse
Laptop Guru
Lorraine Grech
L.A. Sherman

So tell me what’s your godsend list? Plus do you like accepting challenges?
P.S. want a way to heaven? Please leave some  Comments and Share it to leave your love.. or maybe a Facebook Like, jus to let me know that somebody was here for me, your feedback is life for my blog ..  Share some love, Join me on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated

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  1. the best motivational post i read this morning. all i need to have an eye to find what's blessings in my life. thats an inspiration. God bless you for being so motivating inspiration. I do love challenges when i know the outcome is going to be some big reward :) bless you.

  2. i love love love this post with pictures. :p

  3. post is splendid as usual like every friday :)
    well done.

  4. Is Friday bhi MEI nhi hu :)

    Anyway nice post..

  5. God's blessing is important in everything we do.

  6. Re: thanks for tagging! come and visit sometimes my blog

  7. seems like ages i never visited there. you are becoming awesome day by day. really nice again. 5 stars ..*****

  8. Thank you, your post is inspiring, keep sharing faith.

  9. I like this post. Gratitude and appreciation are so important, and there is so much to appreciate around us in this wonderful world. Beauty abounds. We are blessed.

    The world needs more of this.


  10. Enjoy your blog!!

  11. Loved the pictures. Keep it up, bestie!


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