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we do not remember Days; we remember Moments..

We do not remember days; we remember moments.  [Cesare Pavese]
Not all of course, but many is still refresh in my mind. My life journey which I started with My parents and then we added two sisters [Mick and Merry] and a brother [Ali]. Being eldest kid in the family, I collected most of the love from all. I remember the fun We had being kids with our parents. A Life at home, school, playground, granny’s home, amusement parks, everywhere.

 I have loads of pictures, all old analog Cam pictures, I scanned few sometime back, I know they are a old and looks quite funny to the viewer, but these are the best memories I have with my family and I’ll keep it with them forever Insha’Allah. I don’t feel like typing on my childhood moments, these pictures will tell themselves. I'm sure that it's the most beautiful season of my life I ever shared.

this memory is the most Memorrable thing to share this Monday. I miss my Moments a lot and this is jus a statement, I can’t explain “The How” here. I want to pay anything to get that time back. I so love my family and Four in my Family
so How much you miss your childhood and Old Moments??

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  1. these are so sweet..
    old pictures are golden memories, may you live happy with your parents always and forever.

  2. parents, siblings, old homes, schools, even old pictures everything that relates us with our past leads us to have teared eyes. i miss my childhood specially my sister liza and when we sit together our childhood memories make us to go in some other world. I love your post.

  3. really meaningful you inspire me :)

  4. I too miss my childhood as everyone else does. But I'm enjoying this moment with my family. The present is way more beautiful :) Have happy life xx

  5. @Jamaima thank you so much :) and yes i agreed with you :)

  6. @Asma Wakeel so do i:p lol .. im cutest balkay :p

  7. @Iqramaybe you are right but my past was more meaningful, but with time i love my family more and addicted to them more :) i love them till heart.

  8. Awww.. All of you are soooo cuteeeeeeee! mashAllah! :D


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