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that Second is a Story now..

I love your deep eyes I want to go in the depth of them to reach and touch your heart to feel what is inside your heart. You know they speak to me even when you are silent. They ask me questions what you never asked; they smile and cry, they showed me the ways which you never showed me. They are solemn, they are mischievous. They are scared, they are brave. They are angry, they are kind. I won’t breathe if there would be a day when I never see them in my eyes. I so love them, I so love you.
He was telling he. Amused she; never wanted to that moment fly from her hand.
I wish I could stop time, to stay with you, forever.
She believed that her eyes would speak to him, till the end, but as the moment passed away,  took the charm of these two eyes with it. That Second is jus a Story now.

I’m feeling so lame these days, I always wanted the things which I’m not getting, I’m feeling awkward I don’t know you people are seriously liking this everyday blogging or you are jus awesome.. Anyways .. I’m for sure changing my routine to give better output. Hope I’ll get something good out of it.

Do you remember a moment that is a jus a story now? Keep sharing your views and ideas, I love them.
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  1. the moment um reading it, um having teared eyes to feel for the one who let me feel like this note's description.

  2. we never want good time to flow from our hands so easily, it's always painful. you are such a good inspiration, i am defiantly coming everyday to read you.

  3. hmm...good times...always have soundless way to slip by....

    Nice post....nice blog you have here....

  4. The eyes are the windows of the soul, can read plenty from looking into someone's eyes.

  5. are you writing what you mean?

  6. only few people can read the depth of one's eyes !

  7. Experience is talking again in this post :P


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