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Respect Pink- Respect a Girl

It's tough being a girl. A girl is a lame lamb and this world is full of werewolves. From kids play ground to university lab, from school to offices, from class fellows to Internet stalkers, everywhere they targets her first. Staring on streets, harassing in buses, teasing in classroom, insulting in offices, humiliating in house, stalking on Internet, they are all NOT considered as crimes even in 21st century, even sometime raping and sexual harassment after marriage. I'm a bit confused about it, maybe 'cause it's a male oriented society or Girls are easy target 'cause they are dependent? 
Though we Girls accepted the fact that we are so dependent on man to live for and to move in life with grace but these men are not yet accepted that this creature called girl lies in the category of humans. Usually I notice that they respect only two women in their lives, one is their mother and second is their own daughter. and of course it's a general statement that I'm concluding on majority. Like all fingers are not equal, not everyone is same. There is famous quote about this bitter fact and that quote is even bitter for someone who worth it.. 
A man who treats his woman like a Princess is a proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of the Queen.
I'm not from some Girl's Right NGO to speak up on it, I'm a girl myself, who suffered a lot being a girl. It's painful to live in men oriented society under threats all times. and a girl wants nothing but respect.She worth it. Don't forget that she can be your mother, sister, wife or own daughter.
Treat your girl like you want your daughter to be treated.
and Keep in mind that even if a girl loves Pink, It doesn't mean she's not strong.

These are my random thoughts this Thoughtful Thursday .. Likes? What you think about the society's behavior towards girls? You can write even if you are a guy, and yea remember, even I believe that not everyone is same.
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  1. The problem with most men these days is that when they tease, harass, stalk or abuse other women -- they tend to forget the fact that the same can happen with their sister(s), mother and wife. Only if they ponder upon this fact, things would be different.

  2. It's a true image of our society !

  3. A man who treats his woman like a Princess is a proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of the Queen.

    Treat your girl like you want your daughter to be treated.

    Ye linse mje humesha se bht pasand hain :)
    Very Nice Dee.. :)

  4. now start writing in some paper, you sound like professional :D

  5. SHEEEESH I LOVE THIS. I wish all guys saw things this way :/

  6. I treat women just like I treat men. It's fair.

  7. I Just love your writing style and also learned lesson of my life from this quote
    A man who treats his woman like a Princess is a proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of the Queen.

    One more thing your twitter tweets are protected so not worth following for me.

    God Bless you

  8. Ayesha, I loved the post...:) v v nice and touching :)

  9. @Maroof A
    :S yes use and abuse. kill a girl and expect her to not say a word in reply. this is the tragedy of our society :D

  10. @Rude
    lol rude dude ... tysm fo appreciation.

  11. @Justin Ryan Schwan
    it's fair but the society which i'm talking about is entirely different from the society you are talking about.

  12. @Muneeb ur Rehman
    thank you so much for liking it so much .. i wish everyone get a meaning out of it. i'm so glad that you like it.. Bless you .. :)


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