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Place of Light-Life-Library-Learning : University

Time never happened to past that fast that in that four years of Graduation. 2004-2008 university times that changed the life completely. From Studies to Shughal (Fun), Fights to Love, Envy to Care, Jealousy to Friendship, Stress to Fun, Madness to Learning, Labs to Cafe, Library to Red Stairs; everything/everyone was there. The life that gave me light, life, library and learning opportunity, the life that brought me to a new world. Honestly I never missed my School or College, ‘cause at school times I was quite young and college was short and full of bunks but I missed my university times a lot ‘cause I spent a life there, the Real Life of mine.
Punjab University is itself supposed to be a big institute for fun learning, and when students like F04 enters there, it becomes a full Mast place. CafĂ©, Red Stairs, Library, Labs, Corridors, Classes, there was no place in campus where you couldn’t see Batch-04, specially girls and more specially my gang. We used to happen in whole university, whole day. It was ultimate fun to spend four years of life with so many fun loving people at a very lovely place. And yea I’m completely ignoring the politics around; this is the part of every game.
Of course I'm skipping a lot and here are jus few pictures I managed to collage from my large collection of university fun picture. Hope you would like them. Keeping the fact in mind that you don’t know what’s the actual fun behind every picture, but still at least you can see the awesome campus and few fun moments in pictures.

Hope you liked the small pictographical revision of my memories to make my Monday Memorable. I'm keeping the stories for some other Monday. 
Have some university fun story? Wanna Share? Have some other Story to make dull Monday a Memorable one? Share here.. !!
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  1. old days were gold days. i missed my uni times a lot :(

  2. we miss uni ,... :(
    time can't be back ... :S

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  4. must been great memories and really amazed that you were keeping all the pictures. must been a great uni life and of course with great experiences.

  5. wow....nice....follow my blog to..

  6. i love love loveeee this post... it brought back sooooo many memories! and yes i spot myself in the pics too :D

    loved the whole idea of this post... that was a *great* time!!!

  7. pictures are amazing specially the way you merged them together. kewl memories.
    so i am sure you are missing you uni times

  8. Someday I'm gonna be missing my uni's library and the gaming zone -- amongst other things -- a lot!! :(
    Anyway, love the collage bestieeee! keep it up! :D

  9. @Anonymous with no doubt, old days are gold days. i so miss my old good days

  10. @Asma Wakeel we can't bring it back but we can revise it :) :)

  11. @Mobilizer thank you so much, you are generous, i'll contact you asap ^_^

  12. @Nava.K i have so many pictures, i love to keep them, they are the best memory i have to me :)

  13. @WarmSunshine lol :P sorry i put your picture without your permission :P tehe .. thanks for so liking it <3 love

  14. @Anonymous :( yes i miss my university alot. thanks for liking :)

  15. @Maroof A righto as if you are not going to get another place huh .. :P thanks btw motay


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