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My First Love Letter ..

Memories play a confusing role. They make you laugh when you remember the time you cried together! But make you cry when you remember the time you laughed together.
I still remember my first love letter, yea I mean a mail I sent to you 8 years back, when I was a teen. It was such a childish act what I did. I still have the copy saved to me.
I have a collection of Love Letters [Source: tumblr]

Hey yew !!
There was a time when your presence has no meaning, but truth is that it’s not same now; I think I am getting into you. Hope you are getting what I mean. It is very difficult to get a person like you with this idiotic stroke (like to mail or something) but maybe it would be very late if I wait for some good time in future, it is the best time to convey my feelings because I don't want to be sorry in future.. ‘cause I’m so sure you that I have the right person in front of me.
Yours !!
I know no one knows who are you, you are a real one or jus an imagination, but for me you exist, still in my memories, and I still feel same for you, it was left unspoken but I know and even you. I Love you.

My D drive is full of pictures, songs, letters and memories. I open it to recall my best pieces and writing posts on Mondays to revise a Memorable memory to make my boring Monday a Memorable one.

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  1. aww so touching, first love, first charm and first letter are always unforgettable. you wrote quite well b4 8 years, hope you had an affirmative reply.

  2. how can you keep it safe after 8 years :o this letter is not a kid writing, fake?

  3. sweet!
    first love is filled wid SO much innocence.
    All tat hope. makes me feel nostalgic

  4. Sweet :) i wana take as many photos as possible to make everything memorable!

  5. Must been great memories for you to cherish, I did not carry anything forward with my failed relationship as it was a very bad experience and today I am married to a wonderful and adorable man. Was worth throwing all the painful remembrance.

  6. sugar.!!
    every guy would wish to have a same letter. lucky man :D

  7. @Rude

    i think many 16 year olds are capable of writing such letter

  8. @ghazi
    i was jk dude but honestly tell me one thing , any experience like this? :D

  9. Aish is that a piece of fiction or reality ? *Making and Angel Face* ;) xx

  10. the romantic love letter and love note is an extremely valuable tool. It can draw two people closer together, it can cure hurt feelings and it can do much, much more!


  11. I'm damn sure that letter's real :P isn't it, bestie? :P hahaha

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