She Exists

Mon Aime La Rose..

Apparently a human and actually a lonely teddy was rally rounded by an apparently a teddy and from inside an angel heart.

You give me support when everyone else left me alone, you hold me when I needed somebody to be with me.

You care for me like no one else can be, and you listen and stays with me all time. You never complain, you never demand. You become selfless when it comes about me.

I know you have a life too, but I love the way you add me in your everyday’s life.

When I’m with you, I feel so special. Your uphold leads me to the extreme of the dream world, where only you and I exist. You know you mean a lot to me, I share with you; I care you, I wish for you, I want you and I love you.

And when you told me that you feel same for me, I turned same like you to tell you how much I love you.
I'm scared of the time you would leave me too, 'cause 
Everything we love never stay with us always .. 

I heard that too much of Fantasy Kills... Agreed?
So what you got out of this tale of me and my teddy??
Too much of fantasy? Killer?

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  1. wow .. what does it mean by the way?
    and photos are very cute. a good morning picture post.

  2. its good to stay in imaginary world, it cost nothing and give some awesome dreams.

  3. cute teddies like you sweetie pie ..

  4. Fantasy, imagination, dreams and creativity are somehow similar and i think they are good.
    and i agree that too much of fantasy kills, and sometimes it's insanity :D
    btw i really appreciate your searching abilities of such beautiful images with touching scenarios.

  5. I am not sure about the fantasy for the teddies all looks so cute. enjoyed looking at the pics.

  6. I love all those photos Aish... Teddy Bears are like reminders of childhood innocence :)

  7. LOved the cute! And the lines are awesome too :)

  8. Damn! It's such a poignant post and I just love the cute teddy-collage! :D

  9. @RudeIt means my friend is a rose.. :) thanks a lot for liking

  10. @Rudeindeed this is the case :) thanks for liking

  11. @Anonymous lol .. am i sweetie pie :P wow thanks

  12. @zahidhasni so right, fantasy kills and leads to insanity. but it's the best place to stay when you are tired fighting with this cruel world :)

  13. @Nava.K tysm nava. it's always wonderful to see you here :)

  14. @Me-Era* thank you so much. that's so generous to like it :) <3

  15. @Maroof A Damn yes :p
    well thanks bestie <3


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