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Is this Love?

You are attracted to someone and now you are confused now that is it Love or not? The whole confusion can be resolved by this checklist. When you are in love, the following symptoms are must to happen to you.
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You can't Ever Avoid
Where ever you find them, your heart starts beating. Even if you are trying to control you, you'll be failed. You feel them so irresistible, that even if you want to avoid there presence intentionally, you can't help it.

You can't Stop Thinking
Even if they are not around, you can't help to think anything else but them. Sometimes you feel like they are getting on your nerves.

You want More Time
If you are friends already, and spending time together, you craved for more time, their all time with you only. Sometimes you stopped caring about other responsibilities even just to spend a lot of time with them.

You don't wanna Raise Conflicts
When you get into some situation with them, and there are fair chances of fight, you usually let you down. and don't want to raise any conflicts in between.You don't want to hurt them by saying or doing anything what they don't like.

Want to Share All
You want to share your all days and nights with them, You want all their attention on you and listen you all time. You wanna make yourself and days protected by sharing with them and it always give you a warm feeling from inside when you feel that they are there for you.

You don't Feel Interest in Others
Now this is the most interesting part, the friends to whom you usually never tired talking become less important. They started complaining about your behaviour that you have no time for them. 

When you Plan Future
And when you think about your upcoming days, your upcoming life, they are always present in your life with you. You plan your days and night with them. You feel them your asset and your biggest strength in your future life.

You Smile for No Reason
You smile for no reason, you smile when it comes about them, you smiles when somebody talks about them. You want everyone to talk about them and you feel so pleasant when they are being discussed around.

So who's in Your Mind??
These all symptoms exist and you are in Love. And if you are in Love, only one person is in your mind while reading all. Got you!! 

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  1. can't say this CL is complete but yes, check list always helps !

  2. You smile for no reason...its kinda cute! :) I think for me, its love when:

    you seek him cuz you wanna know more about him
    you cant sleep thinking of him
    you do crazy things for him
    you sacrifice your time, strength, money, everything...just for him
    and people notice that your becoming a better person because youre inlove :)

    sorry for the long comment hahay :)

  3. she is my best friend and i have feeling for her i know they are love and it is confirmed today....

  4. Confused b/w two people :O

  5. @Cla
    ahhh cla. thank you so so much for adding your list here. :)
    i love your comment. thank you so much for sharing here :)

  6. @Anonymous2
    you can go with 3 4 5 6 7 ... :/


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