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I'm nowhere .. Do you still miss me?

The other day, a cockroach was in my bathroom at 5 AM and I shouted and my mum sprayed to kill it on floor, next morning I asked my maid to clean it from there, but as I went there to show her, it wasn't there. There was not a dead insect in 6 hours. Ants there finished up a dead cockroach. It was jus an insect, I’m a human and I’ll have an end someday, I’m so worried about the end when I’ll be alone and then forgotten in  few days, in next 10 years there’ll be no one who would remember that there was an AishaW who ever blogged on 3yesh’s. I’m a human the best creature in universe created by Almighty but I’m not worth more than a cockroach or am I?

This piece I composed in start of Sep 2010, in Ramadan and I never posted it. These days I was feeling same, something made me think that when I wasn’t there, there would be no one who’ll care about me, who will think that where’s she. You know the worst feeling is not left alone, the worst feeling is you are forgotten, I'm feeling some people forget me. And I’m sure I’m over think as always.

The guy there was telling me to check my 300 followers on networked blog, 250+ people on google. Not jus followers and readers, even loads of friends who want me to stay; excluding the bunch of jealous ones of course. And even if I forget about the followers being a meanie as always, there is Me who always feel so happy when she type on her blog, when she watch loads of people leaving there love for her, and reading and appreciating her. Though I’m almost done with personal blogging [as I have a big private crying blog] but whatever I’m writing here on 3yesha, means life for me, and I’ll type here till my last breath, wherever I’ll be.
it leads me to over-thinking [Source: tumblr]
I’m sorry for putting my personal frustration out on my blog again and I love you guys to help me to sort things out. My answer is maybe I would be forgotten in some years when I’m no more here, but I have to live the time till I have a chance to and maybe it would help me to live forever in the form of my blog pages.

There’s nothing secret this Sunday but I so love the awesome people there, I’m here for me and for you of course. Big muwahs and for you all, a small gift. hehe I stole my part already.
Sprinkled Cake, Rainbow Treat [Source: tumblr] 

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  1. no one can fill up the place of one who's gone. you are different and when you were not here, you will be in hearts of people, i am so happy that you are not going. wish you all the best for your blogging. we will wait for some awesome stuff there. :) be happy because you are a reason of smile for many.

  2. i am happy that you realixed it yourself. never think of leaving. now see people loves you. xx

    "The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it." Alan Saporta

  3. That's a thoughtful post,linking a cockroach to our life..
    I guess better if we don't think about our ending.
    Be happy sweety:)

  4. I'll remember :)
    It's a very interesting point though, I'm sure a lot of people have the same fear. Thank you for sharing it, I think I'll have to draw or paint something about this, will have to sleep on it first. See, you might have inspired me to do something with that new set of pens I got :)
    Fantasy Art

  5. touching story, this is the reality and the way how things go. we are not more than an insect. but we should live a full life.

  6. what a beautiful treat. tx for it. tx for staying, and listening. smile :)

  7. That was such a lovely thought. People tend to forget after some time. Even a child stops crying after some time of his parent's death. That doesn't make them replaceable. We just learn to live without them.

    The ones who love you will always and always remember you. For them, you will be timeless! *hugs*


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