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Human Inside

He was always there with his big smiles and loads of balloons. We always enjoyed being with him, we giggled on his stupid acts by which he tried to amuse us and all other kids there in that park, where we used to visit every weekend. He was Uncle Mick for us, who was hired by that park to amuse and entertain the visitors, not only on weekends, I always found him there even on weekdays when I sometime visited there.  Being a bit mature kid among all our crew, one weekend I noticed Mick was not enthusiastic as he was used to be. I asked him, but he kept on playing with low energy, I kept on insisted and he removed his big Mickey face, with red crying eyes and said…
I’m a human inside.
 I stopped going to that park on weekends now but I know Uncle Mick is still smiling there and no one knows what’s burning inside him.
Sad Autumn Leave [Source: flicker]
Sad things and bad decisions make wicked stories.
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  1. what an awful real world story .. :(

  2. Mickey mouse :|
    How difficult job he is doing ... :-s

  3. a great sharing but am not sure where and what is basis on this story.

  4. yes its a very very difficult job :(

  5. terrible terrible :(
    those who are making us laugh are in terrible condition in our society.
    they are not well paid and respected even. not even recognized to the world ..
    terrible situation .. terrible life.

  6. sad... similar to the jokers in the never know what is actually going behind the face that is trying to make u smile...gr8 post

  7. very sad realities of life.
    good area to talk about,

  8. Damn! :( It's sad how not many people are able to see through the smiles of people such as Mick in this post. Only if humanity was HUMANE...
    A really touching post, indeed!


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