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Happiness is the rarest Vintage...

Time comes and goes, people, time and circumstances changes a lot, sometime things make us happy and other times we are sad. Whatever the era is; time has to pass, the only thing we can keep saved to us all time is the memory about our past. It maybe sad or can be happy, and happy moments are rarest to find when we look back in our life. They say happiness is the rarest and most precious vintage.
This Friends Finding Friday, I’m sharing some moments of happiness that are left a smile on our face whenever we try to recall them, they always make us enjoy, and they hide a full life in them. I so love these images and I’m sure you awesome people would love to see them.

Images Source: Google Images. Tumblr
Happiness is like butterfly, it alive until you want to hold it to you.
The most difficult task in whole week of my blog is to compose Friday’s post. I have to search a lot and think a lot, I have to find all awesome people who followed me during last week. But on the other hand it's so exciting. Seriously I love you all. I love the way you make me write more and liking me. People, these all Friends of this Friday are so awesome, who make my moral high and boost me up with their so encouraging comments and feedback are:

Please join them and me to find a way to heaven and enjoy more on my blog. 
and tell me that what makes you happy the most and do you believe that happiness is the rarest vintage?
Update: Comments from google account are not working properly. Please Leave your comments with Name/Url or Anonymous, but don't forget to mention your identity at the end, so that I can come back to you. I'm working to fix it.  Happy Weekend :)
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  1. your comments were not working from last few days. it's an awesome post with great pic effort. happy happy one :)
    keep smiling and be happy always

  2. GR8 feels so good after reading your post keep sharing..:)

  3. I'm trying from last night, but it's broken. saying some error there. anyways .. It's awesome and sweet as always ..
    enjoyed it :)

  4. Beautiful pictures with great choice of words, like the one with the hand decor.

  5. I love all your photos!!! <3

    Happy Friday!! :)

  6. Awesome post. I did one on my blog called "What Does Love Look Like To Me?" I think I will go back and add a pic of me and my Dad to it. You inspire the people who read these posts to actually pay attention to each moment in their lives and find the good. Way to go!

  7. you are colors queen, love your ideas and colors. love your blog and you. keep smiling and be happy always

  8. Some great photos. Who is the girl in the first one?

  9. Loved it! Especially...the title! :)

  10. Words are everything ...:)


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