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Echoes in eternity

She loved him and so he did but they never spoke to their heart ‘cause they so cared about the world. It was almost end of everything but not their love it was a true love.
True love never has happy endings because true love never has ending.

I’m sure there would be a world; that exists somewhere far away from our real one where the whole world will be with me, you and us. The world where our emotions would have some meaning for others. Where the sun would rise with your smiles and the night would happen in your arms. I don’t know where this world exists, I’m not even sure of its existence is real, the world where the life is same as we always wished for.
What would you do in that world, echoes in eternity.
The secret of this Sunday is that I was the secret admirer of someone but I never let my feelings flow there, and I’m so talking about that someone these days. I don’t know what’s bringing those memories back and I feel so miserable when my memories make me good for nothing...

Can you relate with this post? Do you have some secreted feelings for someone and not revealed yet or lost them?
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Have a Great Weekend. Love, Smiles, Hugs and Big Mwahs.

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  1. It seems someone's been struck by that cupid's arrow, again :P lolll and yeah, I can relate to this perfectly :P well, you know the whole story, right? ;) lol
    And, you know who's to be blamed for making you reminiscent about those days?
    None other than.... ME!! hahaha :P

  2. things are always challenging when they come up with two meanings. i can relate it with my life so maybe everyone can come up with same issues in life.

  3. ya I feel anyone can relate to this as it is complicated why we don share our feelings.There can be ample of reasons for not sharing them but then when we loose them we realize it would have been better if we would have shared them do reply to my comment

  4. this is painful when you choose to not speak on say it all. When you sit opening the windows of meomories this feeling hurts nd damage the sweet emotions. From life nd with every passirng day i've seen the reality that to convince people to do something is easy but when same thing comes to us.

  5. I guess many can relate to this post... wish you happiness always :)

  6. yes but as if he would never ever accept me
    so there is no use in letting him know :(

  7. reminding me chris browns's eternity. is it the theme?

  8. @Maroof A yes you are a big monster :@ lol buhahha .. i know your story bestie :D :D :D :D :D HT :P

  9. @Jamaima i know jamima :s things are tough and difficult .. hope i'm getting right thing out :s

  10. @Heena Shah agreed .. but it's never too late to tell the one. you know i told him once, it was my luck and i'm not regretting that he doesn't know about it. it's not jus about a he. it's about say it what you feel, maybe the other one wants to listen the only that thing what you are gonna tell. sorry for late but im always late $

  11. @Anonymous totally agreed, you spoke to my heart . thanks for sharing it here

  12. @anummunaf what if he was waiting to listen from you? i know it;s a risk but if you would never take it, you'll always regret :/

  13. @zaibyou and me with the speed of light moving to eternity :D no read it again :D


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