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You, Me and our Songs !!!

I always relate things with you, places, people, events, songs, fragrances.

I’m so in love with old songs, specially old Indian songs; you made me fall for them more. I’m stuck on a song from last two days; I remember when you sang it first for me, and I joined with you. When there were a You and a Me and we were together; our songs were with us, the sweet love songs. We always rejoiced our conjunction with them together.

I so missed you when I hear any of them again alone. I always remember that winter night when there we were together and you played your favorite old number and I stopped it but it never stopped there, ‘cause you were singing for me, and I was smiling making the coffee. and when I again heard that song, I recalled it all, I found me sitting next to that fireplace where you first told me that how much you love me..

These warm memories are quite pleasant when you know there’s a dark end. From this Monday, I’ll recall a memorable day of my life to make even this Monday a Memorable one with some aged, rusted but so warm and delighted memories. 

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So is there anything which binds you with your past?
an Old Schiller's I Feel You..
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  1. everything relates with our past. i like schiller song. my favorite.

  2. neeeaaattt badge!
    that was a lovely post :)

  3. we leave prints on things when we move on in life. sometimes a good and sometimes a bad reflection of past refreshes all what is gone.

  4. @zaib: yea it's super cool song.

  5. @mehreen: lol thnx hun jus cz of u <3
    i own a badge now

  6. @Anon: so true. please send it with your name, i love it when i know who's sending to me :)

  7. very nice post, keep sharing this type of fabulous songs
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