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they know your Name not your Story.. !!

When you are starting writing the tales of life, people sucks in it and that's the end of the story, in case if you let them to write your story. So, jus keep your pen to yourself and write it on your own.'cause everyone jus know your name, not your Story.
Once upon I had a dream and I let someone else to complete it, and I'm still sleeping.

I'm so lazy to write a tale today but I'm happy with the idea that my things are going good on my blog. I love the way everyone likes it but I'm feeling I'm not supportive to make you guys to drop your comments here. I don't know, maybe they are enough, maybe I'm jus thinking 'cause I always love to see your comments and suggestions. 
Leave your comments, Share it and Facebook Like it to leave your footprints here. Big Love.. 
And even though I couldn't write a tale but here's my badge which is NOT so famous .. 

Grab this badge if you want to start a Tales of Tuesday on your blog and drop you link.


  1. hey, ive just followed your blog, please follow me back at :)
    im the 221 follower :)

  2. when we think a lot, our mind starting reproduce things like you are doing. got my point. great suggestion by the way. i like your post again.

  3. et u thi lazy bone.
    danke for the pswd. chao :p

  4. @Software182
    oiii rude dude. ty.. and i dn't think a lot, people make me think


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