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Smiles with Tears..

She was there with him and everyone. It was a dark night and the beautiful lighting were on everywhere, it was enlightening her face more, and she was sparkling brighter than the brightest star on the sky. She was smiling and her smiles were adding the fermentation to the environment, everything was excited, dancing and floating with her. For everyone there, she was very happy and in her mind she was continuously weaving the memories of old days when there were same nights but gloomy, hallow, when she was alone.
Though she was the center of attention but nobody noticed her even for that particular second when She smiled and a tear fell from her eye. Everyone felt a flash of light and everything lighten up more; a pearl was on the floor.

The Secret of this Sunday is when I found nothing to think and write or bored, I search in my all drives, all folders and then I always find some picture which makes my mind up and makes me think and write a lot and ok I admit that I couldn't find any title for it, and this post was in my mind all time She Smiles with Tears..
I love to see the love people are leaving on my posts. I really have no clue what I have changed a lot.. Gimme hints, Send me more love, Like, Comment and Share. And I'll keep on writing more. Love you all .. Big Muwahs ..
So a smile always left so many tears for you too like me?

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  1. wow sis. this reminds the time on my friend's big day. you have the ability to touch hearts. i appreciate your work.

  2. that is so fictitious
    nyc write up :)
    n thnx for dropping at my blog :)

  3. Beautifully written. :)

    Xoxo.. <3

  4. @Anok
    im flattered, thank you so much sissy .. loads of love

  5. @anummunaf
    I love when somebody praise my work. thanks anum. :) keep coming here ^_^


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