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Rain in Desert.

She was alone there in crowd. In a desert, a desert waiting for rain, the dusk was covering her from all sides and even it wasn't night. The desert's sand is so restless just like her confused, helpless, hopeless, crying from inside and acting strong from outside. Every other thing was bothering her a lot, she felt so helpless and moving towards the end.
The only question was moving in her mind, and she was keep on asking her all time, "Why me?"
And the desert is getting more dry. 
She was keep on repeating it and she never realized that her voice is getting shouter and her shouts are more audible to everyone. Her sighs were added in her shouts and making the surrounding strange and miserable.
And the desert turned to a dark, deep well and she was beneath the lower layer of the well.
"Shall I ever be able to get out of this hell?" She was mourning, her sighs, her voice, her cries and her misery. 
The desert is so sad with her.

And she heard a voice there. 
So here I’m. She found a stranger's voice.
cool breeze is blowing there; the first present in the warm desert.
Who’re you? Who are you? Who are you? Her own echo was frightening her.
You you.. !! who are you.. Whatt. . What are you doing here...??
Angel... !!~~ She heard him calling her name sweetly.
The breeze is turned to a sandstorm, the storm out was same like the storm in. restless and very demanding with some unknown desires.
Angel. She repeated him. How do you know me?? She was so bitter while saying it.
Hey don’t get afraid I’m a well wisher... I’m here for you, I’m yours, All yours.. The stranger was sweet like an angel.
Hell I know all about well wishers.. Get out, outa my life.. Her bitter tone was turning into shouts, the loud ones. The winds are getting stormier. She kept on her shouts on and she realized that he was smiling.
I hate people smiling when I’m not happy. She reminded herself and two tears fall from her eyes. She found them falling on his hand.
These pearls are not cheap to shed for some no reason. He was showing him real pearls. 
The Deseret is covered with clouds now.
You know it always happened to me only, jus with me. And no one even knows what I’m suffering and the one who knows never wants to hear me anymore.
Come on angel say it all. And he touched her and holds her slightly and a sweet kiss. 
The angel was calling a human an angel and the first rains drop on is her face.

Shouts were moving backwards and the angels were moving forward together. The Deseret’s sand is peaceful, it’s raining on it warm sand. Two hearts are beating together.

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  1. i like the concept but i am confused on your stories being complex with every passing day.
    literally now people need a mind and open eyes to read them

  2. interesting article, i am myself a story writer and i love reading tales. i like the way you continue it.

  3. @Anon: lol idk im a simple person .. ask me where you are confuse :)

  4. @AW2: i love my sad ideas :D


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