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I'm out of order - Looking For : Advertisement

I’m preparing an advertisement to the newspaper; please help me to improve it so that maximum number of people hit on it.

Employer: I’m a human being (even I have strong doubts that I’m an angel), I’m 18 years old and few months (yea few can be more than 60/70)... I’m in good working condition with few defects on (I’m NOT disclosing those), I need a mechanic (a better term is engineer) who can repair me.

Job Title: A Mechanic a.k.a ******* (will be disclosed later)
Job Location: anywhere in world in a small dream house.
Qualifications Required: Having a good degree from some recognizable university. With few qualities like dark and handsome, rich with a good salary package, hot, good family background, well-mannered, decent, nice, polite, and reasonable with good sense of humor.
Experience: No experience is required, but if someone is qualified enough as described coming up with experience, will be taken as a plus point.
Job Responsibilities: I have a “Me” to repair, to take care and love. Other responsibilities will be disclosed later.
Salary Guide: It’s a life time opportunity. A good managed and repaired “Me” forever. Good incentives like care, love, an ideal life and many others.

Serious candidate and even not so serious can comment on this post.
P.S: this is not desperate, jus for laugh, the idea is from the cheap comment of some of my friend on my facebook status.
P.S.S is it wicked?? Am I?
P.S.S.S: I'm so excited on my 200th follower. Thank you so much all for your love and special thanks to those Anonymous comments who make me laugh all time. bigh muwahs.

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  1. wow ... what an ad !! you'll get a lot of candidates through this ad :D

  2. *LOL*
    sahi kia yaar... i hope you find that mechanic :P

  3. we love you too :P

  4. love the post. ul surely find the best employer in time :)

  5. lol what a way to search for a mechanic.
    best of luck & congrats & LOL at P.S.S

  6. awww, congrats lets see whos going to avail this life time opportunity.
    can i participate ? :P

  7. @Anon1: We love you three.

  8. @Zaib: lol @ ur observations

  9. @Anon2: no, i dnt talk to strangers . my mummy told me that.

  10. @Asma: zarorat-e-nokar ad:D

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