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If I was a star..

I love the ideas of describing me through pictures, Promise me to be patient before starting this post.. it's long but Super Cute, that's I'm assuring you.. Let me tell you What If I was this, What I would be, ok I admit that this idea is stolen by Yush's Facebook status ... hehe 

If I was a trend, I would be style.

If I was a dream, I would never end.

If I was a color : I would be pink

If I was a gesture: I would be smile

If I was liquid, I would be splash.

If I was eatable, I would be pizza.

If I was a bird, I would be sparrow.

If I was a music, I would be old love songs.

If I was a movie, I would be romantic.

If I was water, I would be a tear.

If I was a painted house, I would be white.

If I was a ice cream, I would be coffee.

If I was a cellphone, I would be N83

If I was a sweet, I would be chocolates.

If I was a flower, I would be Lilly.

If I was a time, I would be sunset.

If I was a life period, I would be childhood.

If I was a weather, I would be winters.

If I was a fairy tale, I would be sleeping beauty.

If I was a theme, I would be love.

If I was a creator, I would write you.

If I was a luck, I would be best.

If I was a memory, I would be sweet.

If I was a heart, I would choose you.

But I'm Me what no one else can be.. 
Remember at the start of 2011 we were making promises to ourself and resolutions for us. Were they only for our diaries and blog posts? How many of you are following them? Well first 3 months of the year passed and it's a time to review ourselves. Lets complete this checklist: 
  • I'll change my life style [Done, a bit]
  • I'll NOT leave my Attitude and my Dreams [Done, following a lot]
  • I'll gym and aerobics everyday [Done, walk at least]
  • I'll work to remove my dark circles [Super Failed, It's 3 A.M already]
  • I'll forgive people and forget things [Done, forgetting even]
  • I'll laugh a lot [Done, I'm dead with lol-ing sometimes]
  • I'll FOR SURE act like a grown up baby [Not-Done, I'm papa's now]
  • I'll kill whoever try to make me cry [Done, 5 killed]
  • I'll go office early [Done, 9:30 sometimes, 10:30 sometimes :P]
  • I'll change my room deco [Failed,not even thinking]
  • I'll make more mistakes [Failed, waiting for  a major one now, getting married? ehh :P]
  • I'll TRY to be happy [Done, yayyy I'm happy]
  • I'll drink loads of water [Done, 2 liters a day already]
  • I'll try to look more forward outa my window [Forgot to open it]
  • I'll try to post everyday on my blog [Done, I was failed at start, now I'm doing it, it's fun]
  • I'll be an optimistic [LOL, impossible]
  • I'll be what I'm in really [I can't help it, I'm a born poser]
  • I'll try to get out of my past [Impossible]
  • I'll not rely on anyone else while making my decisions [Done, with 10000s smiles]

Honestly speaking, I never expect such a warm welcome from the visitors and followers side when I started this day by day sequence posts. Last week so many others joined me, I’m mentioning and welcoming them with a wide smile … My Friends on this Friday are:
Maroof [bestie]

I love you all
Big Muwahs and Happy Weekend ahead.                                                                                                                                          
Wanna come in my Friends? Join me a find a path to heaven.. khekhe
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  1. Thanks for the link, Aish :) Some beautiful photos there.

  2. What a surpise, bestie! Loved it! :D :P and yeah, you're welcome! Thank you for giving out my link. The post is sweet. Some of the pictures are really cute, and the rest are just beautiful. Keep it up, bestie! :D

  3. Such a cute post and the images are awesome. Hats off Aish :) x

  4. a very warm post :)

  5. Lovely warm post Aish. :)

    Thanks a lot for mentioning me! :) :)

    Happy weekend to you too! Have fun!

  6. this is a lovely wondering how much time u took to select the perfect pictures :)

  7. Lovely post made me think about what I would be for each of these. The photos are super.

  8. Awwwhhhh! Looove this! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  9. @Simon M Hunter
    thanks for liking and joining simon :)

  10. @Maroof A
    ty so so so so so so much bestie testie.. :)i mean :D

  11. @Maroof A
    ty so so so so so so much bestie testie.. :)i mean :D

  12. @ReeM Al-Rawi
    tysm reem, thanks fo connecting with me :)

  13. @Me-Era*
    tysm for liking and connecting :)

  14. @Ram Santosh
    hehe Ram, it almost took my whole night lol :D but im glad that everyone liked it:)

  15. @hocam
    tysm hocam for liking it. now think all answers for u and make a cute list :D

  16. @Debbie~
    tysm debbie for liking it .. :)

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