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Be your Teenage Dream ..

Be your teenage dream and you'll find you floating with clouds. Always laugh for no reason if you can, It's the cheapest medicine to dissolve your problems in and the best makeup a girl put on her face is a beautiful smile, so smile everyday.
The only thought is moving in my mind these days is that I should try to bring back my teenage dream... and my teenage dream is to be the perfect one, I wanted to be the gorgeous ones who walk on ramp, I know I can't ever I don't wanna do it exactly same now, but I'm working on me. 

So what's your teenage dream?
Share your ideas and leave your comments, Share, and Like to leave your foot prints on my Dreamful blog.
P.S Mehreen.. !!! Wherever you are, wherever you will be, I'll always be there with you, for you.. Loads of love and best wishes.. 

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  1. world tour .. :p
    i can wish come'on :d

  2. Awww, sweet post :) My teenage dream ummmm ummmm ummm pata nahi kia tha :P

  3. Mere to innneey shaareyyyyyyyyyy hain.. :S :/ :$ Ton ton shey btau... :$ :D Tehe ^_^

  4. my teenage dream...hmmm...get that prom dress and jump on a pool while wearing it...haha

  5. teenage! ow! become a beautiful bride :)

  6. @Rude
    of course this thing is never restricted. wish high to touch the sky.

  7. @Cla
    aww cla , same as mine, well best of luck :)


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