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Be what you WANT TO BE ..

I never planned to be a Software Engineer, my time and circumstances made me one.
I always planned to walk on ramp with straight back and chin up, with some arrogant and wicked expression on face. I wanted to become a model and after that I wanted to have my boutique with a beauty salon and my own publications. I planned something artistic for me.
A model come writer may be.
I know it’s confusing but I never planned to be a Software Engineer at least and waste me working 9 hours on one office seat. It was my last choice, no one ever forced me to be; and even I’m not unhappy with my job at all, I love working here but it’s may be an inner desire speaking loud. I still feel like a model when I wear high heels and long shirts. I feel so unsatisfied when I watch some fashion show or read some fashion mags. Recently I was watching the ‘Damas’ valentine’s ceremony and it refreshed all again.

Though I’m not regretting on earning better than everyday models but still I feel like I killed the actual me. Umm I can’t be a model now, but yea I still can achieve some other things what I always wanted to have, wanted to be.
I jus wanna be Me, Myself, THE AISHA.
And I know it would be a relief and a pleasure when I’ll return to my ORIGIN, MY REALITY.  
Be what you want to be, and everything would change according to you itself...
 so you like my tinker-bell's advice.?
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  1. tinkerbell umm cute just like you :D

  2. read The Alchemist. It'll be the last straw in your insanity for your dreams :) a great book!

  3. lmao. wicked expressions on a model's face.
    "be yourself" is important to understand for everyone.

  4. i was about to start it that day and u said it's a super pakao one :D i'll now fo sure :D

  5. @gloria: yea the wicked ones. didn't u ever follow fashion shows, the girls with rude faces there :D


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