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wooot i Found a Girl on twitter ... !!!

with a very sorry, I don't care about so many followers on twitter. Yes i love followers on my blog, but twitter .. ehh .. i can't manage to remember so many people .. !! and i'm bad in following people back too, unless i FEEL LIKE to follow them. 
ehh bad me??

well i can't take attitude, i f*** others if they are trying to show me, that's why i usually avoid to have so many.

ehh anyways .. !! I was on twitter the other day and a guy retweeted my tweet, oo wow .. i'm sometimes like , WHO CARES.. Well i don't know what i told him and he asked me to follow him so he can DM *the Personal Message* me .. I was curious and i followed him. 

He DM-ed me, Mmmm and yea as expected, he was a loser with a broken heart story which i'm not gonna write here. Well i'm good in condolences and i console him with my very sad, move on, get a life blablabal..

and then it started, he's the richest guy on twitter, the worst heart broken, and a great show off. atleast that's all what he told me and i lol a lot on it. It's bad i'm lol'in in public but it was funny .. i think .. :P

anyways .. and it was going on smoothly, he never talked to me publicly and all show off was in DM .. anyways i was limited to my parts .. like ** im sorry, thanks a lot and it's very sad. ** =]] 

i'm on bad diet and one day i tweeted that i'm so hungry .. and he DM'ed me offering me to send burger or pizza or chocolates from his side. I was like no thanks .. and the answer was think again, i'm openly offering you.. 

Jus for fun, i asked him to send me chocolates. well well well .. he said where to send you, and i thought it's all a joke, i said i'm at work send me here. and then hours left, no reply. I forgot about it all. 

When i returned back to home, i checked my twitter and a DM was there, ~sorry, your chocolates are due on me. I was like no no thanks, its all okk.. and then he started .. keep on saying that those chocolates what i asked for fun is due on him and i should give him my address to send them. hell i said a NO and the DM was like, tell me your address or else i would never talk to you.. 

i was like what the f*** :!! as if i was dying to talk to him lool .. :\ and i said whatever.. ! you are rude but never mind, i wont tell you. and he said a bye .. and couldn't swear me last time 'cause he unfollowed me very next moment.. 

ehh trust me, i don't care about so many followers and i don't care about his DMs at all. I was jus showing my good side, by consoling him. 'cause i thought he needed it. yea my ethics taught me *never say a no to someone when he needs you* no matter u know him or not. 

anyways i'm so pissed on him, a guy who thinks him super cool, but he was over dumb, a guy who thinks that he's impressing me with his money but i was lol-in on him on backside, and a guy who took my condolences and instead of a simple thanks, he tried to get on my nerves by doing such a cheap thing. 

Well this post is for all guys, who think girls are dumb and not getting what the hell they are playing. and for him, i'm sparing him a bit by not showing his name and his race which he explicitly mention when he was threatening me ..
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  1. eeeeh don't you just hate those MALE CHAUVINIST PIGS!!! great shouting... keep shouting :P

  2. very funny .. awesome blog again. shout out loud :P


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