She Exists

a WITCH and my lil Angel.. !!

for my 32 years old, lil angel (omg check the size of little) innocent, handsome, rich, well-educated, well-mannered [omg omg omg stop exaggerating aunty]  son i need a WITCH, oh i mean a girl who's:

  • cute
  • fair
  • tall
  • rich
  • solid family background
  • preferably living in UK or USA
  • not more than 18 
  • well-mannered
  • trained
  • educated
  • a family oriented 
  • decent
  • not so talkative
  • innocent
  • expert in cooking, washing, cleaning and every other service
ehh i have a list, i'll email you on demand if the girl is having these basic FEATURES .. 


oh your daughter is not educated much, not good in height, she's dull, oh their house is small, oh she's OVER-AGED, your extended family is poor, she talks a lot, she's not talking at all, she's not good in cooking, she's this, she's that. Ohh WITCH !! 

my personal experience, an old lady came to my place to meet me up, to inspect me is the good word LOL .. 

she was like ohh you are working .. i won't let my witch to work no one in my family work yea we have a school they teach there. 
Me [whispers in head] F***** !! teaching is not working ...? she got brain ehh !! LOL
Me [Loud] sorry i won't leave my work. i'm getting good and i'm quite satisfied there.
She [and she was always loud ONLY lol] how much you are earning.
Me [Whispers in head] WOW .. lol and i told her and quite misbehaved with her by leaving there without telling her or bye [she was sounding like a REAL BUSINESS WOMAN] 
and very next day, she called my mum and ask that She's ok with my job. ohh woot.. 
i'm so exited. lol .. buhahah .. 
think i'm despo about it? F****** it's a NO !!

and again another old lady with his brother who was so desperate 'cause he got no job and then a cute girl with her mum who adored me but the SIGNS were not matching with his son. and then a aunty who lied a lot about his lil angel. 
these things become worst when it comes about LOVEEEEEEEEEE MARRIAGES .. oh she trapped my lil angel son. 

well i wasn't writing about my personal experiences, but i NEVER understand why her son is always better than every witch exist in this universe. is it some revenge a woman is taking? LOL .. !! i got quite out of mind when i start thinking about them. 

jus think once if she's your daughter? do you act same in her case too??? well the answer is so obvious. 
i'm always unable to conclude the final answer that who's the actual witch, well guess yourself.. 

P.S. people do ask me a lot that why i'm so upset with life sometimes, well the SHADI wasn't the reason; i never knew that i have 2 more sisters and i'm over-aged if SOME PEOPLE there didn't keep on telling me everyday. still NOW i myself think that it's the right time to think about it seriously avoiding these witches. D: LOL but the actual reason of my distract mind is my regrets which i don't wanna share with me even buh yea they make me feel down sometimes. 
i'm ok with them.. i'll b more ok with time hopefully. 
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  1. Everything is already decided by ALLAH .. avoid bothering witches around you and just Chill !!
    Angels remain angel.. your post is not going to turn them into Devils .. after all they are angels ... LOL :P

  2. my aim is not to change anything, i can't change anything alone, but if i'm shouting about anything it means that i'm taking my frustrating thoughts out, it may be positive, it may be negative, it may be very negative, but atleast i'm feeling good after saying it all.
    my point is to shout it, so that everyone can hear you and everyone know what is lame, fake and gay-ish going around us. i can't change anything but i can hate things worth hating.

    oh sorry fo a speech :D

  3. Its true but just keep in mind wateva happens it happens for good .ALLAH have saved u frm those witches n might have written somthign good in ur fate so stop thinking abt them n hope best for ur future :)

  4. hehe thnx chilli .. iA something good will happen =]] i'm so sure of it :D

  5. yar aisha.... chill maar... trust me this is for you own good... ur saved from our real life witchers... the larkay ki maayen who are nvr satisfied huh!! aur jo pehle se fazool baatien karain without even thinking, it's better to just say no to them!

    the best best best is yet to come... inshallah :)


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