She Exists

When I found You ..

and when I lost all hopes, You showed me the right path, the path I always looked for.. When I got no more support you give me yours... 
and now when I have you, I have no doubt on me that I LOVE YOU and only YOU.. and I want you to hold me forever, so that I need no one else in Life ... 

I can't stay outa here, jus in one day, I'd worst headache ever.. I have my life here and I realized the simplest rule to live happily , forgive people easily but never forget... 
Happy Eid Milad-un-Nabi to all Muslims..
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  1. oh this is so awesome. happy valentine's day

  2. wonderfully sung... and belated happy hearts day..^^

    RE: @AW: nope... my arts were not copyrighted... and yes... anyone can copy and use my artworks... it's all free provided that i'll be informed... well anyhow, they can only copy the images but the original pieces still belongs to me... haha... thanks for your appreciations!!!^^

    Good day!!!:)

  3. @kelvin: wow thnx :) actually it wasnt jus curiosity, i so like some pieces and i wanted to use em in my posts but one thing i knew that it was the orignal art work so i thot to confirm from the artist first :D thx buddy u r awesome

  4. ..You're most welcome... you are free to use any of my artworks my friend... no problem with that... and i appreciate your effort and kindness for asking my permission... you did the right thing... thank you!!!^^

    Take care!!!^^


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