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we are all ok without you..

have you ever seen the *Are you alright? i'm very excited to see you here. Oh you were being missed around... * kind of people around? i'm sure you have seen many, the people who shows EXTRA AND FAKE CARE about you, even when they are not your family members.. and you are like ~omg, is he ok ? :P

its a human nature, he can't be happy with everyone, he can't make everyone happy but these *Are you ok* are always ok with everyone.. woot .. !! extra politeness, sign of a big explode.

shhh you are talking too much ...

and this is not the end, they think only they are right and whole world is so dependent on their sympathy. they think they are sent as survivor. they have strong doubts that if they are changing and inspiring the world *ALL ALONE*

well for all those who are like this in my life, i suggest them to stfu :P show your actual come'on ...
everyone knows what you are.
and we are all ok without you.
and even the world wouldn't end if you stop showing your lame efforts there.
mmm i'm jus saying ..


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