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wannabes ... urghh ..

suppose you are in a party and you encounter with a fat old man who wandering there and chasing you throughout the party, and finally got a chance to talk to you.. *wannabe*

and while talking he's throwing his lame jokes. and you are like *hey uncle! come'on its not funny at all.* but you can't tell him that how irritating he's to you. *fooooo ethics* LOL

but you can tell him here that go away uncle, i'm not interested in your pathetic jokes.

actually i found few uncles around, THE WANNABES ..
*do you wanna fraaaaaaandship with me*
~~ oh come on NO ..

*Please Please Please*
~~ NO >_>

*ok you are my best friend from now*
~~ get a life .. ~~ urghhhhh .. Bhroo !!
and Please your LAME JOKES are not ENTERTAINING at all .. !!

ME and MY ETHICS .. To hell with my good ethics, go to hell uncle !!
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  1. plz sakeena... plz fraandship me :D

  2. hahaha.. Quarter Mouthy is neither Uncle nor Fat.. He's just Quarter ... :$

  3. @amjad: sure hun i love you too .. hahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah =))) im laughing out loudDDddddddDDdd

  4. @asma: QM is neither bt he acts like same .. wannabe please ... loool =)) despo? ehh

  5. yeah ... :-s
    his first (may be last as well) attempt failed badly !!! :-s

  6. somebody asked me whats with wannabes in it , well the losers try to act cool ..
    isn't it a wannabe? :p


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