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moving to West ..

sitting on my comfortable armchair, looking outside the window, I can see the lawn of my home, the lawn where me and my wife grew up all favorite trees and flowers.  I'm in a unpleasant mood but the pleasant sunshine from my window is lighting up the whole room and the flash back of times are leading me back to my life.

Thirty years back when my father got his retirement and my mother was sick, I was planning for the successful life and the new move in society. My wife was my support and we decided to first change the house we were living in. the old fashioned  wooden house in the East corner of city. We wanted to move newly developed West corner, where the new standards of life were waiting for us.

My workplace was nearer, my wife's gym, my son's school, my golf club. Our life was there. I still remember the day when I told my parents, my mother was never ready to move with me, even my wife never wanted her to move with us and even I was with her but I wanted to sale the old house, the house where I grew up 'cause it would help me getting my new dream, and I had no other option to ask them to go with me.

My parents never wanted to move, but I was insisting on moving and while telling them all luxuries we were going to have there, I completely ignored the old Banyan tree under which I played throughout my childhood, I completely forgot the small wooden balcony where my mother and her fellows used to sit and knit gloves for their sons, I avoided to recall the old church where my father used to go each Sunday. My dreams were in front of me and these old termited life was pain for me.
Sun sets in the west. 

My mother told me.
But Yes it was my final decision, I choosed my life and moved to my new palace. I saw my parents crying that day, crying and watching every corner of their old home. I was very happy on my new pace. I had a big room for my parents there and I thought even they were happy 'cause they never talked about that ever again.

I'm hearing birds singing in my lawn and my wife is coming up with a cup of coffee. I forgot where I was sitting while thinking all that. It's the time to sun set I guess. Holding the cup of hot coffee, I'm again drowned in the vast sea of my memories.

time flew away and snatched my parents from me, I was never unhappy, there's a time to end everything and they have completed their. My son grew up and the city even expanded more, we are now living in the Eastern corner of the city and my son wanted to move to West.
outside my window...
Sun is drowning to the West.


  1. hmmmmmmmmm... time comes back again and again ... people do the same with us that what we did in the past .. !!

  2. Beautiful one, a touching post. Keep blogging xx

  3. sad truth of life is that we lose sight of all that is truly important!

  4. done following u.. nice post :)
    follow me back :)

  5. @asma: exactly thats same case happening to us always :S sad but this is what reality is.

  6. @wasif: thx and thx fo the share as well..

  7. @ayuorked: tysm fo liking and following :)


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