She Exists

We Start to End ..

You care for me
You make me smile
And it means a lot to me
Making you closest to I.
For me you
And that's all
I love you ..
You made my soul die
You made my eyes cry
We should just stop to pretend
And make it all to an end.
And when we decided to end together and we won't be coming back
No more walks together 'cause we're on a different track..
A final good bye..

And when you leaving
You are going away
Don't feel about it so bad
It was the best whatever we had
You'll be happy, I'm sure of it and
I'll miss you..
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change now
Come Whatever
We will still be
Good well-wisher
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  1. i always love the way u tell stories from pictures and this one is a nice one too

  2. very nice post in poetic way .. GG ..

  3. But it hurts to say a Good Bye :(

    feelings wonderfully expressed..

  4. good byes hurt but sometimes its better to walk away before it gets ugly... save the good memories :)

    nice one dear!!

  5. Yep... it always sucks to to say goodbye for any reason. Healing is a hard thing to do sometime.

  6. first time reader of your blog page... absolutely loved it.. keep up the good work..

  7. Nice way to express yourself. and good byes are always tough.


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