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Move On .. !! It's Life ..

Growing up is tough 'cause mirrors, our enemies often ask difficult questions..
Am I beautiful??? Will he love me when I'll grow more old with wrinkles on face? Am I looking fat? Did he appreciate my thoughts and feelings or jus my face?? My happiness will end as i grow old?? why is growing up is so hard? 

 We know all answers but still they tease us a lot. yes a lot.. and we think a lot about them. But the main thing is we only see and feel the thing what we want to see rather it's good to say what we are thinking in actually. The only thing required is to think what you want actually, and the situation will turn to your side. I believe you will find all your answers.

Its even tough when you are broken heart, but I think there are solution of it even, all you need to cry for some nights. But the actual solution of a broken heart is another man but the best solution is to go for shopping, facials, haircuts and hangouts.. I may sound funny here but at least for a girl.. We can wear red dresses and high heels to cheer us up, we sleep and when we wake up we gotta know that we have some more dreams remaining and we need to wear again a red dress and high heels.  

I'm scared of growing up, but the fact thing is "every other thing is growing up with me, either we are young or small, we are all searching for happiness, but for sure on wrong places"... Jus for a reminder, even for me .. If you are hopeless, after every dark night there is a day, after every storm there is a sunny day, but to get this sunshine, you have to suffer a dark night or a storm.
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  1. i love your attitude honey!! yes shopping, a trendy new dress and high heels, that's what a girl needs.... not because we are shallow, but because we are BEAUTIFUL... and those things remind us of our beauty!!!

    three cheers for being women!!!

  2. awesome post.. very optimistic approach towards life, move on and leave all fears back. everyone is growing up with us .

  3. a five star article. painting pictures are enhancing its grace. u done a superb job .
    and your blog is even more beautiful to stay and appriciate . well done and congrats

  4. hi 3yesha!
    it's life i guess, sometimes we just don't get what we want all the time but its how you handle it that matters most. growing up is inevitable, its how you live it that matters the most.

  5. one word, awesome thoughts

  6. thnx girls and guys .. =3
    keep reading, im around .. :)

  7. move on as they say... a treat to be here..


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