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I Like... !!!

F1: Hey I'm glad to see you on XXCS group, I never knew you were interested about it.
F2: Oh but what is XXCS ?

F1: But you joined the page yesterday .. Right?
F2: Huh .. I like all pages what my friends liked .. 

I'm liking 'cause my friend is... This blog I Like dedicated to all those friends who are used to of like/follow/add every other thing, even sometime they don't have idea about it and following 'cause their friends are doing same. 

Are your friends doing same???
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  1. ahahahahaha, No my friends don't do acts like this :)

  2. haha yes it happens sometimes .. it's funny

  3. lol u r lucky iqi =P
    @anonymous: dont be so anonymous plz lol =))


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