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Why do you have to be so Hard to Love...

"I never had missing parts but still I always felt so incomplete. I cant see myself without you, You complete me and I love you.You are my life."
I cant see myself without you.
And when she left she found her in darkness. All gloomy around her, she hardly see anything.

"I wasn't wrong, I cant see anything without you. umm if I'm not guessing wrong, it's a long road that will end no where. To reach back to home, I have to search my way and I have to cross it all alone. I wish you were here with me right now, you were light for me. My reason to get to home safely. I have no life without you. I'm so useless for everyone else.."

She was walking thinking it all.
"It's better a car come up and crush me. Oh my, this darkness is hell. I'm living for what? Why this happens to me every time? Ain't i deserve to be happy? Oo lord! why you are so cruel to me"

She found someone standing next to her.
"I'll help you crossing this road in this dark night. I know you are alone, I know you need help."

I heard a shouting voice. Yes she was yelling over him.
"Go away I don't need your help."

But he was keep on insisting to help her out and finally she said a Yes. Both knew about the long and hard. while walking, suddenly she felt that he held her hand. She never tried to make it free from the grip. yea she wanted a support desperately.. and at that time, the whole word stopped and it was she and him. He was the Angel for her at that time, The Survivor. With every passing moment, she felt her closer. He was stranger for her but she felt she knew her since long. They were together since ages.

"I thought I had no reason to live and i found you, i thought I was useless but you helped me. You are stranger to me but not that stranger.. I think I .. "

He held her more tightly and she felt an energy, a positive one.
"Shhhhh You talk a lot. I'm here for you till the end. Jus Trust me now .. "
 Till the end...!!! 
She found her repeating and smiling.
"mm yea !"

I think she was crying, she was scared, she was nervous, she was upset or may be overjoyed. She was sad on losing him forever but she found another support.
The way he was treating and pampering her and taking care of her, that all was such a relief for her, she thought he was the one who will take her out of this darkness, he was the one who really meant for her. She decided a lot in a go.

"We will find it soon and aa .. Ouch ..."
Something hurt her, she bent down, she was shouting with pain.
"Hey help me... "
"I'm asking you to please help me."

The reply was a cicada's loud and creeping noise. 'cause no one was there. she sat on the ground.
"Was he jus another Illusion .. ??"
She couldn't get up after that.He left her alone on the middle of the dark road and she will never trust on anyone in her lifetime.
"You made me NOTHING.. He left me but you end me. I'm so useless and not deserving of anything, any happiness."

This post I was trying to write from last three weeks but never had guts to post it.. 
so it's like Finally !!!
Some people were curious if  it was my own story so the answer is .. 
Don't think a lot, keep on reading .. !!!
Relate it with my favorite Bryan Adam's Why do you have to be so hard to love...


  1. hmmmmm touching feelings...u have written it well. It happens but Life goes on.. :)

  2. mmm Words chosen masterly, and story captivate me as I am fond of tragic stories. :)
    I think a girl or woman should be so strong that she does not look for support of man, she should be more confident and she depend own-self... :)

  3. GOD is never cruel, it is "us" who force him to punish us ... (My belief)

  4. nicely done girl :)
    and im over to listen to that song though im not a fan of bryan adams...

    and congrats once more on ur new domain woopiee!! :)

  5. thanks guys .. i was so touched writing it.. thanks for liking :)


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